Lagniappe (a little something extra)

In addition to wedding, social, corporate and any other type of catering Pigéon Catering & Events are experienced and currently providing catering services to:

Pigéon Catering & Events has been servicing private, parochial and charter schools throughout the metropolitan area since 2006 providing wholesome and satisfying meals for students and staff alike.  Even throughout the pandemic when schools closed they coordinated with the schools to continue providing meals to children in schools where they had contracts. 

Additional services that they provide is disaster catering.  While disaters are not something anyone looks forward to, one of the things that can help people get over the shock is to know that they don't have to worry about where their next meal may come from.

Pigéon Catering & Events owns and operates two USDA Facilities. At their Carnival Culinary Solutions location, at 5900 South Front Street in uptown New Orleans, they produce boilable bag products for school child nutrition programs and fine dining establishments.  A list of these products can be found on the Carnival website  All of the products can be ordered from this web site under the Savor page - Catering Menu.

At their Clark Street location, at 535 South Clark Street in mid-city New Orleans, they operate our full-scale catering operation. They have recently built a USDA extension of the catering kitchen which produces fresh salads, sandwiches and fruit cups that are sold at vending machines, gas stations and convenience stores in Louisiana. 

At both locations, they have an on-site USDA inspector, who ensures that all USDA food safety and regulatory compliance is followed. A copy of their Food Safety and Food Defense Plan is available upon request.

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