The Krewe

From its humble beginnings as Dean's Deli, a small but popular deli in Kenner, LA, Pigéon Catering & Events has quickly grown into one of the largest caterers in south Louisiana. With Managing Partners (brothers) Dean & Jean Pierre (JP) Pigéon at the helm, their vision and drive have taken the once small deli and parlayed it into a thriving company with over 175 employees and growing.  Pigéon Catering & Events is truly a family owned and operated business with more and more family members joining the ranks. Robert (Dean's oldest), Gerard (Dean, Jr.), his sister Lauren are in operations and sales respectively. Other family members currently working for the company are Riley Pigéon (JP's daughter), Sales Associate; Kara Pigéon  (sister in law), Sales Manager; and Shelley Pigéon (sister), Special Events Manager.  The company isn't managed only by the family. Pigéon has many, many dedicated and hard working team members who all feel like family taking great pride in their contribution to the company.  If you would like to join "The Krewe" please follow this link: Join the Krewe!!!!

The Sales team consisting of Lea Freeman, Ashley Blanchard, Lauren Pigéon, Riley Pigéon, Shelley Pigéon & Kara Pigéon is managed by Leah Berhanu, who has been with the company since 2008.

At Pigéon Catering & Events,  we pride ourselves with providing authentic New Orleans cuisine as well as culinary favorites from around the world. With a commitment to an elevated level of service and innovative ideas for presentation, we have the capacity to fulfill the dream of any bride or meeting professional. Whether catering a small house party, a lavish wedding, crawfish boil, or a large corporate event, our passion for excellence is the same.

From the simple dream of a small deli to a multi-faceted and diverse company that has taken on a life of its own, Pigéon Catering & Events is uniquely New Orleans and here to serve you.  Please see a short bio on the company by clicking here.

Let us know how we can make your life a little easier and taste a little better!  Bon Appetit!!

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