Dining Services

Our aim is to provide fresh and healthy food to the people we serve.

  • Our service experience has allowed us to develop solid relationships with trusted suppliers specializing in each field of expertise.
  • Orders are placed weekly in advance of menu production to ensure the use of high quality ingredients and efficient menu execution.  
  • All food purchasing including dairy, meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables will be local, whenever possible, and will be USDA Grade A or better.
  • Pigéon Catering has a full HACCP plan that will be strictly monitored.
  • All menu items are approved by a registered dietician and meet and exceed USDA requirements.


  • Under the guidance of a licensed dietician, Pigéon Catering develops a program menu that complies with nutrition requirements.
  • Pigéon Catering will requisition all food components and store them accordingly.
  • Menu ingredients are assembled from the kitchen storage areas and proper kitchen equipment is utilized to properly prepare the food in accordance with time and temperature regulations.
  • Pigéon Catering has a fully operational HACCP plan in place to monitor all necessary control points throughout the entire food preparation and distribution process.
  • All prepared food is portioned and stored at temperatures that meet health and safety regulations.
  • Items are wrapped, sealed and labeled and ready for transport.

USDA Facilities

Pigéon Catering owns and operates two USDA Facilities. At our Carnival Culinary Solutions location, at 5900 South Front Street in the uptown New Orleans Area, we produce boilable bag products for school child nutrition programs and fine dining establishments.

At our Clark Street location, at 535 South Clark Street in mid-city New Orleans, we operate our full-scale catering operation. We have recently built a USDA extension of our catering kitchen which produces fresh salads, sandwiches and fruit cups that are sold at vending machines, gas stations and convenience stores in Louisiana. 

At both locations, we have an on-site USDA inspector, who ensures we follow all USDA food safety and regulatory compliance. A copy of our Food Safety and Food Defense Plan is available upon request.

Food Safety & HACCP

As a new leader in the food manufacturing industry, Pigéon Catering is committed to making Food Safety our #1 Goal. We are committed to ensuring the quality, consistency and safety of each item.

Food Safety

Food safety is our most important responsibility. Our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system (HACCP) examines and controls the flow of food through food service operations – from Pigeon Caterers purchase of products to the service line. This program is also regulated by the USDA, FDA, AMS and FNS government agencies.

The HACCP system is based on the idea that if significant biological, chemical, or physical hazards are identified at specific points within the flow of food, they can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to safe levels.

A critical control point is an operational step or procedure in the flow of food where a biological, chemical, or physical hazard can be controlled or prevented. Pigeon Caterers has established specific controls at each critical control point to contain or prevent hazards. This system helps Pigeon Caterers:

  • Identify foods and procedures that are most likely to cause food borne illness
  • Implement procedures that reduce the risk of outbreaks of food borne illness
  • Monitor all procedures to ensure food safety every day


As part of our food safety program, Pigéon Catering requires all managers to be trained and certified in its proprietary food safety certification program. This program is based on the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s.

ServeSafeTM program. ServeSafeTM is a nationally recognized training and certification program, used throughout the food service industry and accepted by most state, county, and local health departments.