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Tessa DurbinProduction Manager

Tessa Durbin -Production Manager

After spending half of her life daydreaming in the south of France, family ties brought her to Virginia where she finished high school and went to college. Soon after, her first “real” job was in Los Angeles, California where she managed a French travel agency. During that time, she got engaged and started planning le wedding. Her passion for special events grew exponentially and she continued working with a couple planners on the side until it was time… time to finally settle in the most European city in the country: NOLA! From L.A. to LA, the magic of that simple act isn’t lost… When she's not preparing for an event, you can find her exploring a faraway country, cruising around the city looking for the next best spot, playing with her dog, and trying very hard to face the reality that a normal day is not beer on the beach or calamari in her belly!

  • Favorite Restaurant: The Franklin, for its food and ambiance.
  • Favorite Dish: Bread and more bread. Does that count?
  • Favorite Pigéon Dish: Dish? Singular? Please… I need a complete meal! Let’s start with our deliciously spicy Celebration Salad, followed with our Pasta Pierre with chicken and our homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert- they’re divine.
  • Favorite Dish to Cook: I love cooking Indian curries at home
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween because it makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. You can be creative and express yourself without judgement. For the most part.
  • Favorite Athlete: Anthony Davis.
  • Favorite Music Venue: The Saenger, no doubt.
  • Favorite Cocktail: French 75 or a Sazerac… I keep it classy.
  • Favorite Mardi Gras Parade: Do I even have a choice working at Pigéon? Bacchus
  • Nickname: Frenchie!
  • Pet Peeve: Leaving only just a little bit of something and putting it back in the fridge & unnecessarily loud breathing. Two things I do exquisitely well.
  • Favorite thing about New Orleans: The culture, the people & the street names!