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Lauren PigéonSales Associate

Lauren Pigeon -Sales Associate

Born and raised in New Orleans it was only a matter of time until Lauren took part in the family business. As a teenager she was tasked in different positions in the company as a server, concessions, even the kitchen when her dad needed her most. She now handles all social sales within the company and puts together the most magnificent events from birthday parties to rehearsal dinners. As any other New Orleans raised girl, she enjoys this great city with the new people she meets whether on the street or from work, and wouldn't have it any other way!

  • Favorite Restaurant: GW Fins....those biscuits are the best thing ever!
  • Favorite Dish: My dad makes the best Paneed Chicken with mashed potatoes and peas. I request my dad to make this every year for my birthday! It's become a tradition!
  • Favorite Pigéon Dish: Pasta Pierre
  • Favorite Dish to Cook: Sadly, I'm not a very good cook :(
  • Favorite Holiday: Mardi Gras! Hands Down!
  • Favorite Athlete: Drew Brees
  • Favorite Music Venue: House of Blues and Championship Square
  • Favorite Cocktail: Jalapeno Margarita's are my absolute favorite!
  • Nickname: LP
  • Pet Peeve: Cowboys fans (Leah) :)
  • Favorite thing about New Orleans: Where do I even begin! From the food to the people to traditions. There is no place I would rather live! WHODAT!