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Dean "Gerard" Pigéon Jr.Director of Operations

Gerard Pigeon -Director of Operations

Growing up in New Orleans, food will already be a huge part of your life. When your father starts a catering company, it becomes your life! For Gerard Pigéon it didn't quite come so quickly, though always being around Pigéon Caterers, he started his job life as the Coach's Assistant and Equipment Manager for the New Orleans Saints. He then joined the catering world as the Production Manager for the Sodexo Recovery School District before moving into the Production Manager role then later Director of Operations at Pigéon Caterers. With a new baby to add to the Pigéon Clan, Gerard continues to ensure quality of every event out the door, and will soon be bringing his little one in to work, as his dad did with him.

  • Favorite Restaurant: GW Fins
  • Favorite Dish: Veal Parmesan from Impastato's
  • Favorite Pigéon Dish: Crawfish Gerard!
  • Favorite Dish to Cook: Homemade Pizza
  • Favorite Holiday: Mardi Gras
  • Favorite Athlete: Steve Gleason and Delvin Breaux
  • Favorite Music Venue: Saenger Theatre
  • Favorite Cocktail: Old Fashioned from the Sazarac Bar at The Roosevelt
  • Favorite Mardi Gras Parade: BACCHUS
  • Nickname: G-Money
  • Pet Peeve: People who don't LOVE Mardi Gras!